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Education and Training

Education and training are a fundamental piece to the success of the medi® products by the different customer types throughout the various settings. The entire medi team is thoroughly trained from the Clinical Education Managers to our Territory Business Managers as well as the Customer Service team.  When there are questions, we have the team with the answers.

There are multiple vehicles to deliver the education and training requested by our clinical providers and dealer partners. We understand people have different methods of learning, with various levels of expertise, and their own specific timelines. If you prefer interactive group learning with a hands-on component, the medi webinars and workshops are right for you.  Those who like to learn on their own can go to our on-demand learning center. And if you want a customized, small group or individual training, we can schedule an in-service at your place of business or even do these virtually. Here are the various methods through which we can be of service:

Webinars & Workshops

These are live-learning talks and courses that have interactive opportunities for those that like to engage or those who like to sit back and watch the action unfold. These courses often have continuing education credits attached and will be indicated on the specific event. Webinar speakers are made up of the medi Clinical Education team and specialty field experts.  Workshops are medi-sponsored events with hands-on learning in a dedicated market. These are typically half-to-full day events at a hosted location.  

On-demand learning

These are previously recorded courses that are archived in medi University that clinicians and dealer partners can log in and view at their leisure. These courses usually do not qualify for continuing education credits. 

On-site and virtual in-services

These specialized trainings are product-oriented and performed by our Product Specialists, Clinical Education team and Territory Business Managers. These are a great way to get up close and personal with the medi products.

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