Siltape silcone fixation tape

Soft silcone fixation tape (non-sterile) with easy tear perforations, no scissors are required


  • Holding dressings in place
  • Taping down eyelids ( In theatre)
  • Under oxygen masks
  • Securing fistula needles
  • Protection from pressure damage or sores from tubing

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SIZE.73×118 in, 1.5×60 in
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Siltape is made from soft silicone which is gentle on the skin, this is particularly useful in patients with very thin, friable skin which is vulnerable to damage. Silicone does not cell strip in the same way that other adhesives may damage tissue.


  • Siltape can be used to prevent damage to sensitive skin and healing tissue.
  • Hydrophobic properties provide comfortable tact to dry skin without sticking to moist tissue, thus providing pain-free removal.
  • Siltape is ideal for protecting friable tissue from pressure damage or sores from tubing; this is especially useful on the face and tops of ears.
  • Siltape can be applied directly to the skin and tubing placed on top. Siltape can also be used for scar management.
  • Single use product: Discard after use.


  • No not use on dry, broken skin.
  • Do not use if allergic to silicone.

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Silflex Silicone Tape