The holiday season is upon us, and with that, all that glitters and glows! There will be parties and events that require us to dress up and toast the holidays, 2022, and the year to come! How does that work for those of us who must wear compression stockings for medical reasons? Can you still look chic and festive even whilst donning your medical compression stockings?

Luckily, today’s modern compression has evolved to be indistinguishable from traditional hosiery to reflect different lifestyles and patient preferences. From a variety of patterns, design, and fashion elements, transparency levels, and color motifs, modern compression stockings now complement any wardrobe to reflect a patient’s individual style, without detracting from it, while improving their overall leg health and well-being.

For those who may require flat-knit garments or garments used in the maintenance phase of lymphedema, these products are typically measured to the exact millimeter of a patient to provide optimal fit and they have the versatility to include special features for therapeutic support, added comfort, compliance options and even design aesthetics.

The mediven® flat-knit family of products contains an array of vibrant color choices, sophisticated patterned design and fashion elements, and even crystal motif additions that can add a pop of sparkle to any outfit – perfect for any holiday attire.

What colors and aesthetic embellishments are offered in mediven custom lymphedema garments?

This holiday season, you can still sparkle and shine in your holiday garb when choosing your mediven custom lymphedema garment.

Color Varieties!

With an ever-changing selection of colors to choose from, our mediven flat-knit garments are available in both standard and trend colors. The standard colors remain while the trend colors change and update from year to year. This season, we have added the colors Chestnut and Raspberry-red to give you a pop of cheer. You’ll look divine sipping on a cranberry cocktail while wearing your Raspberry-red stockings. Or, if neutrals are more your thing, look no further than the Chestnut, which shares its name with the popular holiday nut that is roasted and toasted throughout the holidays!

Crystal Motifs!

As the saying goes, a diamond is a girl’s best friend, and including an extra shimmer to your garment is a fun addition to any holiday outfit. We have three crystal motif varieties, Proud, Wind & Trio that can be added to your flat-knit garment. Just bear in mind that crystal motifs cannot be combined with our design or fashion elements.

Design & Fashion Elements!

If a design aesthetic is more your thing than a pop of sparkle, look no further than our Design & Fashion Elements. Design Elements are single-colored patterns that offer a soft, subtle design in a single color.

Our Fashion Elements are two-toned and stand out a bit more with their bolder mark in a two-toned color. Either way, you can add an interesting design to your outfit, perfect to liven up any holiday look this winter.

If you, like so many others, must wear compression, or whether you wear compression for lifestyle benefits, have no fear of not keeping stylish this winter and throughout the holidays. medi’s® line of mediven garments for lymphedema offers plenty of fun options that still allow you to make the whole place shimmer! Check out our mediven custom garment builder, which allows you to design your own garment, to your exact specifications by selecting the product, color, design, and fun accessory of your choice! Be you, be real.

Real is your perfect!