Polycentric hinge with metal stays for improved stability 

  • Easy to apply with wrap around application
  • Knee joint stays warm to alleviate arthritic conditions
  • Metal stays provide added stability

The protect.hinged knee brace relieves knee instability, weak or sore knees, and minor swelling and irritations associated with arthritic conditions.


  • Neoprene construction provides therapeutic compression and warmth to stimulate recovery 
  • The open patella helps stabilize the knee cap 
  • Poly-centric hinge mimics movement of the knee 
  • Wrap design makes it easy to put on over tender joints 
  • Fits left or right


  • Knee sprains and strains
  • Weak, sore or swollen knees
  • Arthritis


Side effects on the overall body are currently unknown. However, if aids such as braces are applied too tightly, local pressure effects or narrowing of the blood vessels or nerves may occur in some cases. For this reason, you should consult your physician before use under the following conditions:

  • Diseases or injuries of the skin in the area of application, especially in case of signs of inflammation (excessive heat, swelling, or redness)
  • Sensory and circulatory disorders of the legs and feet (e.g. as a result of diabetes)
  • Lymph drainage problems, as well as indistinct swelling of soft tissues outside of the area of application

 Combination with other products, e.g. compression stockings, should be discussed in advance with the attending physician.

Material Composition
Medical Grade Neoprene

Washing Instruction

Can be washed by hand at 30 degrees.