The technology behind mediven®: premium compression for life

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Our comprehensive venous health product line, mediven®, provides precise compression garments in an array of styles, colors and materials to support our patients’ unique lifestyles and their therapeutic needs.

The mediven assortment of premium products have multiple technologies that provide optimal wearing comfort.  The net result – compression accuracy and wearing satisfaction for our patients to achieve therapeutic results and ultimately feel better.

So, what are these amazing technologies, you may be asking yourself?

Acu-knit technology

The knitting process in mediven products creates a unique open mesh pattern called Acu-Knit. This delivers a multitude of therapeutic and compliance benefits to enhance the patient experience. From the integrity of the compression to the accurate compression profile, to the comfort and durability of the products, the stellar material quality allows for optimal compression for enhanced therapy.

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Perfect Fit technology

Precision is the foundation of mediven stockings since its inception. What’s the secret? We make a wide range of sizes with specific dimensions to create anearly customized fit. medi happens to offer the most complete range of sizes available today, so even with a ready-made stocking, our customers will receive proper, custom-like fits with most importantly, precise compression.

Clima Comfort technology

Our mediven premium knit products have a unique technology called Clima Comfort that transports moisture from the surface of the skin for optimum comfort all day. The high breathability of the fabric also improves air circulation – for a pleasant microclimate all year long. Check out this video that shows how our mediven products manage moisture.Clima Comfort 2

Clima Fresh technology

Our unique technology called Clima Fresh keeps legs odor-free and refreshed. It prevents bacteria and micro-organisms from colonizing the fabric, keeping odors at bay. Bacteria is thus kept away from the knit, and the fiber-deep hygiene is maintained. Check out this video on Clima Fresh that shows the technology in action.

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Anatomic Fit technology

The mediven product lines have been known to have a “customized fit in an off-the-shelf product” for decades. Many of our mediven products have an anatomic fit, designed for right and left feet. This allows for optimal sizing to provide accurate compression and a consistent fit. The more comfortable you (and your feet are), the better patients can conquer their days. Watch the video on the Anatomic Fit technology. 

Soft Elastic Foot technology

Since not all venous health patients require edema control in the foot area, some mediven products contain a soft elastic foot with reduced compression made for easier application and long-term comfort.

These technologies make it clear that the mediven design enhances patient comfort and compliance across the board. Visit our mediven page to learn more about our premium stocking line that offers unique, unmatched quality.

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