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medi® has been at the forefront in the treatment of lymphedema through product development, education, and now patient advocacy through the successful implementation of the LTA.  We are committed to helping our patients, clinicians, and customers navigate the unfamiliar waters ahead by providing you with regular updates of new products, code updates, and other information pertinent to the implementation process.

What is the medi® plan of execution to meet CMS requirements?
Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has introduced 78 codes in the Compression Therapy category in the treatment of lymphedema.  medi has PDAC letters in hand for the appropriate HCPCS codes that meet our current product offering.  The medi® R&D team has undertaken the task of developing new products that meet the gaps in the portfolio to meet CMS product requirements.

The current product portfolio:

  • mediven® harmony glove and gauntlet now receive a promotional discount to allow current and future patients to experience the therapeutic benefits of the mediven upper extremity lines
  • mediven® and duomed graduated compression stocking are now available for purchase in single units for maximum patient fulfillment and billing compliance.
  • Circaid® juxtafit essentials full leg graduated compression wrap with adjustable straps is now available = HCPCS A6586 *
  • Circaid® reduction kit full leg graduated compression wrap with adjustable and trimmable straps is now available = HCPCS A6586 *
  • Ready-to-wear inventories and manufacturing capabilities have been expanded to meet future demand

* Use of HCPCS codes should be verified by the responsible billing parties in accordance with all published guidelines.

More products in development:

  • New circaid profile for nighttime use to meet new code requirements. Coming Soon
  • New Bandaging line. Coming Soon
  • Circaid® new color. Coming Soon

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