Vario butler

The clever donning aid with adjustable handle for compression stockings

Intended purpose:

  • Donning aid for medical/compression garments

Product Variety

SIZEOne size
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The medi Vario-Handle Butler also makes it possible for people with restricted mobility to don compression garments without help – irrespective of their mobility and height: thanks to the adjustable handle, the handle length of this donning aid for compression stockings can be individually set.

Donning compression stockings is very simple with the medi Vario-Handle Butler: the compression stocking is pulled over the stirrup and thereby stretched. This allows the foot to slide into the stocking without effort. With its adjustable handles, the medi Vario-Handle Butler can be adjusted to every body height, because the handle length can be set between approx. 37 and 58 centimetres.


  • Adjustable handles.
  • Easy handling.
  • Time-saving and economical.
  • Eases the donning process of clinical compression stockings.

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