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What is included in the medi Business Development program?

Medi is a proud partner of the VGM family as they bring tremendous value and insight to the various segments of healthcare that we participate. If you are an authorized medi dealer and a member of any of the VGM communities including VGM, VGM Therapy, Essentially Women and OPGA you are eligible to participate in the medi business development program. 

The program is inclusive of all medi medical compression therapy products, medi protect retail orthopedics & footcare, medi ortho functional bracing, and CEP compression sportwear.  There are some enhanced discounts on all orders and an aggressive year end rebate program that members can earn up to a 10% rebate on their growth purchases.  

Who is eligible to participate?

Members must register for their 2022 benefits to qualify for a rebate.  Once registered, you will receive a rebate contract outlining your purchasing targets for 2022 shortly after the close of 2021.  We will then work together to help maximize your medi benefits! 

medi value added services:

Development of clinical referral sources in your local market 

Detailed education and training of staff 

Customized merchandising programs

Digital marketing to drive patient traffic 

Live and Virtual educational webinars and symposiums to develop a clinical referral relationship 

Industry leading business efficiency tools  

I feel better promise – to deliver quality service and products on time 


medi product portfolio:

Looking for a certain medi product solution? Our product catalog features a robust filtering system that enables you to search and find what you are looking for with ease.

Are you not finding what you need? Contact us and we will reply proptly

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