The product will perform according to and under the stated application use procedures for a period (as stated below) from the date of retail purchase for standard product or manufacturer ship date for custom made product:

a.   medivenduomed, & Rejuva elastic compression stockings (RTW and Custom) will maintain the stated compression levels – 6 months

b.   circaid juxtafit® premium leg – 1 year (defects after the first six months can be returned for repair only)

c.    circaid graduate™ leg and arm – 1 year (defects after the first six months can be returned for repair only)

d.   juxtafit® essentials lower leg, upper leg with knee, arm, and glove, juxtalite® lower leg, juxtacures® lower leg – 6 months

e.   juxtafit® and juxtalite® ankle foot wraps – 90 days

f.     circaid reduction kit upper and lower extremity – 60 days

g.   circaid ancillary products (compression anklets, single band

ankle foot wrap, graduate hand cover, capri, socks, undersleeves, shelf strap and knee covers, etc) – Product will be replaced only if there is a manufacturing defect.

h.   6-month warranty on orthopedic rigid bracing straps and pads

i.     6-month warranty on medi protect soft support products

j.     Medi PCS products have a three year warranty on the control unit and a one year warranty on the wearables provided all handling, wear and care instructions are followed

k.   medi protect face masks – no warranty period, all sales are final due to the nature of the product use and sanitation concerns

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