The 8 warning signs of venous disease 

It is estimated that over 40% of the population will suffer from venous health conditions in their lifetime with over 30 million Americans with chronic vein disease. Early diagnosis and treatment are critical as venous conditions get worse over time when left untreated.  

  • 1.Tired, heavy feeling legs 
  • 2. Pain from prolonged sitting or standing 
  • 3. Swollen ankles 
  • 4. Varicose or spider veins 
  • 5. Tingling, numbness, or cramping in legs or feet 
  • 6. Discoloration of the skin 
  • 7. Open sores or ulcers on lower leg 
  • 8. Family history of vein problems 

What causes vein disease? 

  • Heredity/ Family history 
  • Pregnancy 
  • Age 
  • Obesity 
  • Prolonged standing/sitting 
  • Gender

How to treat venous disease?

Most often, your healthcare provider will enter treatment with conservative measures of graduated compression stocking or alternative compression garments. The use of compression therapy will help address the symptoms of venous disease and help prevent the disease from progressing. If necessary, corrective procedures will be conducted depending on the severity of the disease. Learn more about treatment options.

What are the steps to better leg health? 

Does Medicare or other insurance cover compression stockings? 

If you have commercial insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid plans they oftentimes cover compression stockings and other compression garments in the treatment of diagnosed medical conditions. Learn more here.

What you need to know before you buy compression socks or stockings? 

There are many variables when considering the selection of compression stockings or garments that is best for you.  Know that all compression products either socks, stockings, garments, wraps, or pumps provide therapy and should be done under the supervision of a healthcare provider. Compression therapy products that are not fit or sized properly can cause adverse effects to your leg health.  If you have Periphery Arterial Disease (PAD) compression therapy is not advised in most cases.  

How to select the best compression stocking or sock? 

Where to buy compression stockings?

Compression stockings, compression socks and compression garments are designed to promote fluid movement in the legs back to the body.  This therapy can provide health and lifestyle benefits when the compression product is fit properly and worn regularly. This is truly an investment in one’s health and well-being.  

Equally important to product selection is where you obtain or buy your compression therapy product.  Many of the medi compression products are covered by insurance plans with a suitable diagnosis and prescription. The medi dealer network is carefully selected to help chose product, offer educational assistance, and provide billing services when available.