What’s in a DME?

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We’ve all been at a retail shop and felt overwhelmed by all of the choices available. It can be information overload – look at all the colors, look at all the brands. What’s the best option for me, one can think?

That sense of overstimulation can be enhanced even more so when dealing with unfamiliar products.

Instead of making a trip to your local Target or Walmart, you might find yourself or someone you love in the need of a visit to a DME, or a durable medical equipment store.

A durable medical equipment (DME) store is a business that sells products which provide therapeutic benefits to a person because of certain medical conditions and/or illnesses that can withstand repeated use, is primarily and customarily used to serve a medical purpose and is appropriate for use in the home. In general, durable medical equipment is medically necessary supplies and devices that one can use over and over again.

It’s important to understand what counts as DME and what doesn’t because that affects insurance coverage. Most government and private health insurance plans will cover all or some of the expenses associated with durable medical equipment.

To qualify as DME, the item must:

  • Primarily serve a medical purpose
  • Be prescribed by or ordered by a medical provider
  • Be able to be used again and again
  • Be used in the home

DMEs offer a wide range of services and expert advice. The unique knowledge found at these stores can assist those finding themselves overwhelmed by equipment not common to their everyday lives.

Specialists at DMEs will consult with you or a caregiver and provide the appropriate equipment as directed by a doctor’s treatment plan. The quality home health-care products found at these stores are matched with a level of convenience, knowledge and service from the staff involved.

If, for example, your doctor prescribed you compression stockings, it is imperative that the stockings purchased are fitted correctly. A precisely fit stocking may improve the health of your legs by reducing venous symptoms and improving the venous blood flow. Most DMEs have certified fitters who will fit customers with state-of-the-art, medically correct, graduated compression specific to their size, needs and disease state.


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For safe and effective monitoring, diagnosis, treatment and recovery from short and long-term illnesses and diseases, durable medical equipment can be a lifesaver. Making a well-informed decision about these products is particularly crucial when either your health or the health of someone you love is at stake. The importance of having the proper medical device cannot be underestimated. Using inadequate or improper medical equipment can seriously endanger the health and wellbeing of a patient.

To find a durable medical equipment store in your area, please visit our dealer locator, to find the best location to service your needs.

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