It’s the common worry that many have when wearing knee-high stockings: Will my stockings stay up all day?

Even though medical compression stockings are generally “tighter” than a traditional sock, a true medical compression stocking is graduated, meaning it is tightest at the ankle and then gradually gets looser as it moves up the leg.

But, could there be other factors at play that affect the stocking staying up or in place? Here are a few questions you can ask yourself about your stockings to check and make sure they are fitting the best they can be.

1) Are my stockings old?

Any compression garment has a recommended period of effective compression, usually 4-6 months, and if they have exceeded that time, your stockings may have reached their limit, and it may be time to replace them. If your stockings are falling down repeatedly, they may be outstretched and have run their course. medi® compression products will deliver their stated compression for a minimum of 6 months.

2) Are my stockings clean?

Dirt particles, body oils, dead skin, and sweat collect on the compression stockings every time you wear them. These particles affect the elasticity of the elastic threads that keep the stockings in position. It is recommended that you wash the stockings after wearing them to keep them clean. Elastic bands tend to regain their elasticity as soon as you wash and dry them. You can wash and reuse your compression stockings for a period before the bands lose their elasticity. Remember that clean compression stockings equal effective compression stockings.

3) Are they applied properly?

Compression stockings must be spread evenly over your legs. Because of the tight fit of most compression stockings, putting them on can be somewhat difficult. Sometimes, the upper part of a stocking is much more stretched than the lower portion, causing them to slide down.

If the size is right, and none of the above worked – there are still options you can gravitate towards that are available to help keep your stockings in place.

What accessories can help keep my stockings up?

It Stays – Skin Adhesive: It Stays is a unique formula that aids in holding stockings and sleeves in place. This adhesive is odorless and hypoallergenic, making it an excellent solution for the active patient. You add a little to your skin and on the top of the compression stocking to have the sock stay in place. For best results, use just at the top of the sock or stocking, not the bottom, and just a little bit at the top is sufficient to hold your compression stockings up.

Waist Attachment: Sometimes called garter belts, these keep the stockings up by latching onto your waist and attaching to the stockings at the upper thighs.

medi grip top band helps secure calf-length stockings in place without slippage no matter the activity. These seamless, silicone top bands are featured on several mediven® products, such as the mediven for men select and the mediven comfort vitality.

It is also possible to try a pantyhose variant in place of a knee-high sock since these types of stockings also effectively keep compression in place all day.

Luckily there are many options to choose from when searching for the best method to keep your socks secure. It is also important to remember to visit a durable medical equipment store where you can be measured and fitted to your specific size. That way, you know for sure your stockings will fit you well.

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