It all started when I simply had started a sit down job 4 years ago (December 2018) which I never had before at a call center and my legs would fall asleep and be soo heavy and I didn’t know what was going on. I tried to ignore it at first, because I didn’t want nothing to get in the way in my new career. But I just couldn’t ignore my pain. I was rubbing my legs soo much and scratching I develop these terrible wounds.

At that very moment my primary doctor wasn’t available and I went to see another doctor my family was familiar with, when she saw my legs she said to me “Oh you are just containing a lot of fluid in your legs, I’ll prescribe you some water pills to take care of that.” 

 was already being misdiagnosed, ( My mother who works in the medical field) said immediately “My baby is in pain!!!. This is more then just a water pill quick fix” and my mom left that prescription right there at the doctor office!!! (I’m so Bless to have a Mom Like Her) 

My primary doctor was finally available and refer me to a wound clinic and that is when I was diagnosed with Secondary Lymphedema I have never heard of “Lymphedema” I look at the doctor and said Lymph…. What?…Am I Dying? I was scared, I didn’t know what was going to Happen Next!

… time flown by I been to plenty of PT, Dozens of Doctor visiting, and loaded with leg equipment so I won’t be in pain. My legs has came along way they use to weep and have an odor, and my legs would hurt soo bad I couldn’t even wear compression. But with all my mentors, family and friends supports I’ve over come soo much and I now can say I have Manageable Lymphedema Chocolate Legs, even though their is no cure for Lymphedema, I’m glad that I’m able to use my voice and my beginning platform to help someone who is going through the same thing I am. Who would have thought that this Southern Belle From North Carolina, could actually make a different in the Lymphedema Community!