circaid juxtalite HD

The circaid juxtalite HD lower leg is the proven inelastic compression wrap.

juxtalite indications:

  • mild edema
  • CVI
  • Active & Healed venous ulcers
  • Phlebolymphedema

Product Variety

SIZESmall, Medium, Medium FC, Large, Large FC, X-Large, X-Large FC, XX-Large
Size Chart
COLORBeige, Black
LENGTHLong, Short
COMPRESSION20-30 mmHg, 30-40 mmHg, 40-50 mmHg
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The circaid juxtalite HD (heavy duty), is designed for the treatment of moderate to severe venous insufficiency,and is an easy alternative for those who lack the strength or dexterity to use traditional compression stockings and bandages. Because the material of the juxtalite HD is thicker than that of the regular juxtalite, it is also a suitable choice for patients with mild to moderate cases of lymphedema, and moderate to severe cases of venous disease (i.e. venous leg ulcers). The standard legging is available in two lengths, 28cm and 33cm, and in circumference sizes ranging from Small to XXL with three full calf options. The circaid juxtalite lower leg system features adjustable assured compression levels (20-30, 30-40, or 40-50 mmHg) using the patented Built-In-Pressure System (BPS) that allows the clinician to set the desired compression and allows the patient to repeat this process at home as well as cool and lightweight material and limited linear stretch material that hugs the limb.


  • EZ-On Panel – Application aid (available on the juxtalite HD).
  • Multiple compression levels (20-30, 30-40, 40-50 mmHg).
  • juxtaposed band system allows for easy application and instant adjustability without removal.
  • Built-In-Pressure system (BPS™) guide card provides targeted compression ranges for prescribed dosage.
  • Clima Fresh prevents static, odor and propagation of bacteria in the garment.
  • Perfect fit with 8 sizes & 2 lengths.
  • 6-month warranty.
  • Machine washable.

System includes: 1 juxtalite legging, 1 pair of compressive undersocks and 1 Built-In-Pressure System (BPS) card.


circaid juxtalite Application

Measuring for circaid juxtalite

Size Chart

circaid juxtalite & juxtalite HD size chart

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Foot options & Ancillaries

These items can be purchased separately and can be used with the juxtalite system.

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circaid juxtalite HD