circaid reduction kit lobe

Acute lymphedema decongestion and maintenance product


  • Decongestion, transition, and maintenance treatment of lymphedema

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circaid reduction kit is a revolutionary system that combines all the benefits of inelastic compression with the advantages of a custom garment. The customizable reduction kit system is trimmed to fit in the clinic and as a result adaptable to your patient’s unique needs. Designed for acute drainage phase lymphedema management, patients enjoy the liberating nature of an inelastic garment system they can remove for normal hygiene and re-apply themselves without the aid of a caregiver or clinician. They will never want to go back to bandaging! Get your patients engaged in their therapy with modular reduction kit system available in upper extremity and lower extremity modules, combine arm, upper leg, knee and lower leg elements as needed to customize this system for your own unique therapy needs. The circaid reduction kit lobe is intended for use on extreme lobules and should be used with reduction kit upper leg and lower leg components. One size fits all.


  • Use with the reduction kit upper leg & lower leg components for additional compression and coverage on extreme lobes.
  • Trim as needed to fit any limb size.
  • One size fits all.

System includes: (1) a reduction lobe component; (2) 8 beige hooks; (3) 6 white hook/stays


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Size Chart

Circaid Reduction Kit Leg Sizing Chart

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