For those of us who may be new to the world of compression, you may be overwhelmed with what it is and why it’s so good for you and your body.

What are compression socks?

Compression socks are specifically designed to hug your legs by applying graduated pressure to your ankle and then up your leg to improve circulation. By graduated, we mean that the pressure is strongest at your ankle and gradually decreases as it goes up your leg. There are various levels of compression, stated as numerical ranges, and the amount of compression is measured by millimeters of mercury, or mmHg.

How does compression help my body?

Our circulatory system works hard every day to move our blood from our hearts to our toes and then back again continuously. No matter what we do, from day to day, this function happens. We may be super active and on the go one day, and on those days, our calf muscles flex and pump the blood back up to our legs. But on other days, we may be taking it easy, sitting for long periods of time, which can cause the blood to pool in our ankles. Compression socks can help when we’re taking it easy, as they keep the blood circulating, energizing your legs and reducing fatigue and heaviness.

Why should I wear compression?

For those with a medical condition that requires compression (like those with venous insufficiency), lymphedema, or deep vein thrombosis, wearing these stockings is a daily part of life. But medical compression stockings are not just ideal for those whose doctors require it – it is even good for those who want overall wellness and better-feeling legs. A growing number of people wear compression for preventative measures and to improve their overall health. The includes:

  • Pregnant women who may be retaining water in their ankles/feet and want to decrease swelling
  • Athletes who want to improve their athletic performance, reduce injury and heal quicker
  • Anyone who sits or stands for an extended period of time to alleviate swollen ankles and tired, achy legs

Can I still be stylish?

Compression stockings have come a long way. Many people may picture their grandma in her beigey yellow knee-highs back in the day. But fear no more. medi’s Rejuva® brand is a fashion-forward line of compression legwear that complements products from our more traditional mediven® line. These are fun, medical support socks with a wide variety of designs, prints, colors, and patterns that add a pop of flair to any wardrobe while also providing functional therapy.

And, Rejuva even has a new length to offer first-time compression wearers – the crew cut! The feet are where edema (swelling) typically starts and where the compression is most helpful. So even though these new stockings don’t go all the way to the knee, the benefit is still there and provides a great entry-level dip into the compression pool. The crew-cut socks are also the perfect length for fall’s favorite footwear – the boot/bootie.

Don’t delay in improving your health and wellness. Try out compression and see how it can be a part of your life (even if not your whole life!)