I am Gina 57 from Idaho, and I’m not fat. I have lipodema/lymphedema secondary. A medical condition that diet and exercise will not change. I have been told by doctors for years that I was fat and overweight! I was told that I needed to go on a diet and exercise. I did every diet you could possibly think of. I worked out at the gym. I did boot camps, but the weight in my legs and butt never changed!

Matters of fact, they ended up getting worse! In 2008 I went to my Doctor and said look I have done every diet possible including Weight Watchers and I’ve been exercising 7 days a week and nothing is changing I said my legs don’t look normal they look bigger than most girls and so does my butt. My doctor said to let him do some research and that he would get back to me and let me know what he came up with. He called me a few weeks later himself to tell me that he believed I have a rare condition called lipo lymphedema. He said a lot of doctors did not know what it was without researching because it was so rare. That was in 2008.