Why use Manuka honey in wound management?

The use of honey in wound healing goes back for decades. But more recently, research has shown that the use of Manuka Honey is effective in creating a positive healing environment for wounds and aids in natural odor inhibiting factors leading to autolytic debridement. There is no known resistance to Manuka Honey, so it is a good substitute for products now found to have resistance issues.

What is Manuka Honey? Why Advancis® Manuka honey?

Our honey is 100% Manuka Honey from the botanical source of Leptospermum scoparium and is sourced from New Zealand. Our hives are remote to avoid contamination from other floral sources – so remote that each hive is airlifted in and out of the area. This is also done to avoid human contamination.

Importantly, our Manuka honey is not adulterated with heat (which artificially increases UMF values) and is verified by an external testing laboratory in the UK. The UMF value will vary between batches as it is a natural product, and we make no adulterations. We only receive and use Manuka Honey with a UMF greater or equal to 10UMF/10NPA – this is also verified by an independent test laboratory in the UK.

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