Your doctor has prescribed you compression stockings to help alleviate your symptoms. You get them home, pull them out of the packaging, and think, “Wait, how do I get these things on properly?”

Medical compression stockings can be cumbersome to don, as they are tighter than traditional stockings due to the graduated compression profile.

To ensure you get the best therapeutic results, it’s important your stockings are applied correctly.

First and foremost, leg swelling is less pronounced in the morning, so it is best to apply your stockings first thing after you wake up. It will also make donning them easier and also ensure that they fit correctly.

To help make the application process go as smoothly as possible, always make sure that your legs are dry before applying your stockings. It can be helpful to use unmedicated talcum powder. Make sure you are not wearing any jewelry, like rings or bracelets, on your arms and hands to avoid snagging your new compression. Similarly, avoid pressing your fingernails directly into the stockings.  You must take great care applying them as they are a medical device.

It is best to always follow your doctor’s directions for when and how long to wear your stockings, and in order to get the most out of your compression stockings, you must follow all care instructions to maintain the best therapeutic benefits.

Tips and Tricks for successful application:

  • Apply your stockings immediately in the morning.
  • Use application gloves if helpful.
  • Round, smooth fingernails protect the stocking material.
  • Remove all jewelry to avoid snagging your stockings.
  • Well-groomed, smooth heels and toenails protect the stocking material.
  • Avoid creasing and overstretching the material by distributing the knit evenly down the leg.
  • Do not put on your medical stockings by only pulling them upwards. It is best to pull and distribute the knitted fabric in stages.
  • Avoid pulling the compression garment too high; knee-high stockings should hit up to two centimeters below the back of the knee; thigh-high stockings up to two centimeters below the bottom crease.)

Proper skin care can help elongate your stocking’s life. Luckily, medi has you covered. Our products are designed with horse chestnut, an active ingredient for those with venous health problems, that helps alleviate dry skin.  Check out more helpful tips about skincare here.

medi night cream is a deep penetrating crème that moisturizes legs that can feel fatigued and dry. The cream helps rejuvenate legs after removing compression to soothe them overnight.

medi care™ wash helps to extend the life of your compression therapy products. It is pure, organic, and biodegradable, and thoroughly removes the daily accumulation of perspiration and body oils from your compression garments to ensure that you get the most out of your stockings.

Getting dressed is even easier with the help of dressing aids

They assist with applying compression and they can help extend the effectiveness of the garments, too.  The use of application gloves and butler-donning devices will help deter potential punctures and ensure patients get the most out of their compression.

Are you more of a visual person?  medi has you covered there too. Check out our video tutorial page to see how easy applying medical compression stockings can be.