I have had lymphedema for almost four years now following breast cancer surgery with a double mastectomy and 10 lymph nodes removed on only one side. I also had radiation treatments. All of these can cause lymphedema. I had never heard of lymphedema until I was diagnosed by my radiation doctor. It has been an interesting journey. So many people have never heard of it. Believe me … if you have it, you know you have it.

I use a compression sleeve during the day. I am fortunate that I only have it on my left arm. I am even able to joke that the sleeve has helped my golf game. I use the mediven comfort arm sleeve in the caramel color. Most people do not even know I wear it. I definitely know when I am not wearing it. It helps so much with pain management. I also use “It Stays!” adhesive to keep the sleeve from slipping down since most of my swelling is in my upper arm. I also have a compression pump.

I was lucky that the pump was covered by my insurance. It is a relief that Medicare has finally realized that Lymphedema is a real disease. Unfortunately, it won’t be covered until 2024. I am pleased to read about the Circaid® Profile Arm Sleeve for nighttime. This sounds wonderful. I presently use a CBD cream at night, which helps with the swelling and pain. Lymphedema is not fun to deal with. Thank you for your compression sleeves. I highly recommend them.