I began working with my first lymphedema client in 2013 after the patient was unable to find someone local to help with treatments after breast cancer. I fell in love with the determination to get better and committed to becoming a CLT.

The patient ended up passing away a year later from returning cancer, but I was able to complete my certification in 2016 in honor of the patient. Lymphedema affects more people than we could imagine. Finding help in a rural area is difficult, but I am committed to educating the medical community where I practice about early detection and treatment for lymphedema and associated conditions.

As someone who has had my own struggles with poor circulation and swelling in my legs, I understand the risks of lymphedema on my life and the importance of compression. I am a certified lymphedema therapist who wears bilateral leg compression daily. I understand and empathize with my patients on this journey, but I want them to know that they are not defined by this disease.

Lymphedema treatment, using appropriate and comfortable compression, takes something that is out of our control and gives it order. It is my mission to help all my clients fall in love with compression and better enjoy their lives.