For several years, my client had been in a CCL2 different brand elastic sleeve and long glove (elbow and forearm pitting edema). Patient would return to treatment once per year to treat the pitting edema at the elbow/forearm. The other brand elastic garments always showed significant signs of wear, even though they were replaced routinely at 6 months.

Patient was using other brand wrap as a night garment. We were able to switch to CCL2 mediven® 550 (sleeve and long glove) and the garment has shown superior containment. We also switched the patient to the circaid® profile nighttime garment. The patient has not had to return to treatment and symptoms at the elbow/forearm are significantly improved.

The patient is also happy that the mediven 550 garment holds up and does not show signs of wear. The patient continues to replace them every 6 months. I love the medi® product line and so does this patient!