My name is Jessica also known on IG as warrior_jessica_slashes_fat which I’m known for my weight loss/fitness journey. When I started my journey I had no idea that lymphedema was an underlying condition as well as lipedema.

So, I started my journey at 354 pounds, and I changed my whole lifestyle. I started to lose weight and felt my best. I shared my journey openly on IG. I encourage women and men to love themselves no matter what. I was able to encourage so many even with loose skin. I decided to compete in a body building competition in 2020 after losing 200 pounds.

I stepped on stage loose skin and all. To my surprise I won the competition. I decided to keep going and do 2 more shows with the loose skin. During this time in between, slowly my weight was coming up. My legs especially my thighs and stomach my loose skin would swell. Especially when I had a free meal or even went on vacation. I thought oh it’s just the loose skin. It was time for a new journey which was loose skin removal. That’s where everything went south. I swelled pretty bad especially in my thighs.

I didn’t understand what was going on with my body. It didn’t matter what I did or even with working out everything got worse.

On March 2022 I was diagnosed with stage 2 lymphedema and lipedema. Now I knew it wasn’t my fault. I continue to share my journey and inspire many others. I have received so many messages thanking me for sharing many others have also been diagnosed. I’m to a point where I am maintaining on my own now.

I share my journey to give others hope and to show them if you don’t give up things will come together. I believe in staying positive no matter what I am going through. This is just a small part of my story of a girl who never gave up no matter what was thrown her way.