I utilize the Circaid Reduction kits frequently in my clinic, so when I was presented with an unusual request to treat a horse that was scheduled to be euthanized, I thought “what could it hurt”! I had less than a week to make a difference to give “Everest” a chance at life. Desperate times led to desperate measures… She was in a lot of pain and was not able to bear weight on L back leg. Swelling had been progressively getting worse over past 6 months following a snake bite. The swelling was starting to separate her hoof. I measured her leg and fitted her with the full leg pieces. She had wounds that had to be treated daily so the access the Reduction kit allowed was perfect. After three days, she was able to walk with minimal limp and several weeks and many adjustments later she was running in the pasture… which really caused the garments to slip down! So thankful they worked and the owner was very pleased to cancel the Vet visit.