I work for Aggressive Health Solutions as a Certified Mastectomy Fitter. I work almost every day with our lymphedema Therapist, Margaret Allen. We both started around the same time and share a great working relationship and friendship. She is a little OCD, and I am not at all so I tend to think we balance each other out.

It’s still a learning process but, my favorite thing medi has to offer is the medi Vision. It helps with time and error. We have had to do less corrections and have been able to see more patients with confidence. No patient has the same needs and this technology has really been a life savor. Carla and Paul have both come to train and help us out. We have learned so much from Carla and she is amazing with our patients. I know we can call her anytime we need anything.

There is so much trial and error in compression. It is a frustrating time for our patients. The care we will be able to continue to give our patients with the medi vision is priceless.

Another product that goes hand in hand with the custom items is the Butler. I have had patients who swear they will never be able to get their garment on leave with confidence and satisfaction. It is the biggest help! I am so glad Carla showed us this item. It’s an amazing tool! The most important thing is to give our patients the best care and to save them time so they will wear the garments. I feel like with these two things we stay one step ahead of the game.”