Compression isn’t just for diagnosed medical conditions. It can be for every person, in every stage of life, and at every degree of health and activity level. From pregnancy to travel, wearing medical compression can improve overall well-being and quality of life.

In a recent study published by the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery, Inc., it was determined that patients with venous health conditions experienced lifestyle benefits when wearing medical-grade levels of graduated compression. Not only physical improvements like swelling and cosmetic enhancements occurred, but lifestyle benefits such as a reduction in sleep problems, an increase in patient activity, and an improvement of overall well-being were found.

Knowing that compression benefits nearly everyone who wears it, there are various types of compression that fit each person’s unique lifestyle and needs. But which one will work the best for the individual you are?

The medi® mediven® line of compression includes a comprehensive portfolio of products focused on delivering precise compression in an array of styles, colors, and materials for therapeutic needs. With features like Perfect Fit design and Clima Comfort technology, the mediven line of products delivers the compression accuracy that venous insufficiency disorders require combined with ultimate wearing satisfaction.

For those who are looking for the benefits of compression, but who do not want to sacrifice their unique style and individuality, Rejuva® is the product line for you. Rejuva fashionable compression legwear features stylish products with fun patterns and colors. It is the compression alternative amongst a sea of beige and black for those customers who want reliable compression (and all the benefits that come with that,) but who also want to keep their style intact.

If you are an active individual who enjoys compression support in your workout attire, CEP is where it’s at. CEP is the #1 specialty sports compression brand that enhances performance and helps you recover from fatigue or injury. With special features like anatomical fit and bioactive yarns for temperature and moisture control, CEP delivers in fit and feel with the compression accuracy proven by medi. 

No matter the product line, true compression provides a multitude of benefits that make it clear that compression stocking therapy can improve the quality of life of patients.1

Which one will you choose?


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