medi® has long been known as a leading provider of compression therapy garments to treat lymphatic and venous conditions, but did you know that medi also has a nonprofit organization that lends sustainable assistance to people in crisis areas by providing improvements in clinical care, medical training, and education?

medi for help was inaugurated by medi in 2010 after a 7.0 magnitude earthquake hit Haiti, prompting medi to create the non-profit with the mission of helping those in need of medical care. The continual focus is on sustainable social commitment with stable partnerships and longstanding cooperation.

The efforts of the organization have expanded beyond its initial focus on prosthetics to medical compression for chronic wound treatment and lymphedema. medi for help now has a social commitment that aims to provide active self-help, by training local Haitian staff to become skilled technicians to ultimately provide long-term care to the Haitian people.

medi’s competencies form the foundation of support. With the comprehensive product portfolio offered, such as compression products, wound care products, and orthoses, paired with extensive expertise and many years of practical and scientific experience in lymphology and orthopedics, medi’s prolific knowledge helps form the basis of care.

The core values of medi for help are to provide:

  • sustainable support by promoting existing skills on site
  • long-term partnerships (like with the cooperation of the Hôpital Albert Schweizer (HAS)
  • collaboration on equal footing with local employees

Over 97% of all monies within medi for help go directly to charitable works.