Foam Dressings

What are foam dressings?

Foam dressings are made of foamed polymer solutions with small, open cells capable of retaining liquids. Dressings can be impregnated or combined with other needed materials. Each specific dressing will retain different amounts of fluid depending on the thickness of the dressing. Typically, these dressings are non-adherent in order to protect fragile skin and ensure pain-free removal. When selected properly, foam dressings create a moist environment optimal for wound healing due to the vapor transfer out of the wound while preventing bacteria from entering.

When should a foam dressing be used?

Foam dressings can be used in a variety of wound care applications due to their wearing comfort, ability to be trimmed to fit, and the ability to manage different levels of exudate fluid. Foam dressings are often used for pressure injuries because of the conformability and the padding that is built into the dressing. Other applications are for moderate-to-low draining venous leg ulcers, diabetic ulcers, and surgical incisions.

draining venous leg ulcers