I have had primary lymphedema since I was about 12 and many cellulitis infections since then. It was isolating and throughout my 20’s I discovered I also have chronic venous insufficiency. Finding compressive thigh highs, admitting that my swelling wasn’t going away, and finally embracing my second skin of medí® flat knit has enabled me in so many ways I cannot even express the gratitude for companies and therapists that actually care, respect the weight of chronic and keep curious and improving our lives. You’re really allowing us to live the best lives possible. 💕

I promised my college self I wouldn’t ignore my poor leg, keep walking, run – simply because I love it, and keep adventuring and finding fun techniques to adapt to this lymphedema life. I have seen so many more positive changes than negative even though the weight of progressive was heavy when I was diagnosed. I will never say I am grateful for the pain, ache and disability that demands I compress and wrap for most of the day, but this condition has shown me so people that handle challenges and this condition so beautifully.