It’s officially winter, which means the days are short and it’s getting colder and colder.  We’re probably all wearing some form of winter boots to beat the elements outside and help stay warm.

If compression is a part of your daily life, it can be difficult to know what compression sock is best suited for use under boots. You definitely want a sock that stays in place and won’t slip.

Lucky for you we have just the sock! Look no further than the mediven® comfort vitality sock, the on-the-go compression stocking that’s everything a casual sock should be, now with mediGrip technology! What’s that? Thanks to a seamless, silicone top band, the sock stays in place – no slippage! No more pulling and tugging or worse – taking off your boots to secure your socks back in place. The comfort vitality sock won’t budge.

Clima Comfort reduces perspiration buildup while preventing the skin from drying out with our patented knit fabric. When moisture is transported away from the skin, better temperature control is met, keeping the skin warm. This is particularly important in the cold, winter months. In addition, soft fibers with Lanolin wick moisture away, keeping you dry and thus warmer.

You may be thinking that since the sock will be covered up by a boot, it’s not important what it looks like. Well, the mediven comfort vitality has a fashionable, herringbone pattern that complements any wardrobe and boot style. You won’t have to compromise your sense of style or flair, as this classic pattern works for both men and women and for any wardrobe. So, when you do come inside and slip off those boots, you’ll still be stylish in your sleek compression.

Beat the winter brrrr with the on-the-go, effortless style of mediven comfort vitality. Like all mediven premium knit products, these support circulation and help reduce leg pain. Choose mediven comfort vitality this winter – a hot item for this cold weather!