I have been seeing a patient who had significant swelling in the R limb, post below knee amputation. The swelling limited the ability to be fit for a prosthesis. Due to COVID and other complications, therapy has been delayed for 3 years which further exacerbated swelling and skin changes. The patient did not tolerate traditional shrinker socks or wrapping techniques.

I knew we would have to be creative in our solution for compression. I recommended the reduction kit thigh piece, using an extension piece (cut in half) to attach around the distal end of the limb. The patient has been able to make significant gains with size reduction, softening of skin, and increased tolerance to wearing compression to 12+ hours/day with use of the Circaid®reduction kit.

The patient’s frustration level was high when we first met but has been able to be so successful with the reduction kit! And the best news – the patient has been able to be fitted with a test prosthesis recently and was able to WALK for the first time in 3 years! The patient and I are both so pleased!