A garment’s flexibility or “stiffness” is a contributing factor in product efficacy and selection. The more resistance of a product to stretch typically creates more resistance to the body. The stronger the “wall of resistance”, the more efficiently the calf muscles work for enhanced blood flow and edema control.

Compression products are vital in helping to encourage blood flow up the veins and back to the heart. But what is best? It can be difficult to choose what type of compression product is best for you when you have leg swelling, especially when there are fundamentally different products available.

What are elastic compression products?

Elastic products rely on the memory of the material to return to their original size, delivering compression therapy. Depending on the materials and the construction of elastic products, some can stretch to over twice their original size. These products generally use graduated compression or compression that starts at a higher compression level at the ankle and gradually lessens up the leg. Most elastic compression products come in the form of a stocking or a bandage. For those who have chronic venous insufficiency, elastic garments are a great option.

These products:

  • Push blood upwards in the veins
  • Decrease swelling and discomfort
  • Stretch for easy application
  • Are a subtle addition to any wardrobe
  • Multitudes of sock and stocking varieties to choose from for patient individuality

What elastic compression products are available at medi®?

medi has a plethora of elastic compression options for patients to choose from, starting with our premium compression from our mediven® line that features our Perfect Fit design and Clima Comfort and Clima Fresh technology to provide optimal wearing comfort. Our mediven products provide compression accuracy and wearing satisfaction to help our patients achieve therapeutic results. For our budget-conscious patients, our affordable duomed® line provides a complete line of durable compression garments to meet any lifestyle or venous health condition. Lastly, our Rejuva® line of stylish compression is perfect for the fashion-forward patient who aims to supplement their health or lifestyle with quality, graduated compression. The effective therapy options in an array of fun patterns and colors provide individualized flair backed by medi quality and support.




What are inelastic compression products?

Inelastic garments are designed for more extreme edema, lymphedema, and ulcers. These products offer very little to no stretch. The compression therapy is delivered by the person conducting the application. The more tension that is applied, the greater the compression therapy. Most inelastic products come in the form of hook and loop wraps or short-stretch bandaging.

These products:

  • Apply firm, consistent pressure to the area of need
  • Have little to no stretch capability
  • Customizable compression to meet specific needs of the wearer
  • Available in the form of wearable wraps or compression systems
  • If dexterity is a concern, these products are ideal for those with limited grip strength

What inelastic compression products are available at medi®?

For our patients who require an alternative to the more traditional elastic compression therapy, we have circaid®, THE inelastic compression alternative. circaid provides a full line of inelastic compression for day and night-time use, featuring measurable and instantly adjustable compression to empower our patients to take control of their own treatment. With both ready-to-wear and custom options, circaid has multiple solutions for every patient.

Just like no two patients are the same, no two treatment plan is the same, and every patient must decide what therapy best suits their individual condition. Whether it be elastic or inelastic compression, compression remains the cornerstone of treatment for venous disorders.

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