Applying Compression Stockings

We have created an easy step-by-step process to make putting on your garment as simple as possible!

So, your doctor has prescribed you compression stockings to help alleviate your symptoms. You get them home, pull them out of the packaging, and think, “Wait, how do I get these things on properly?”

Some general tips to help apply your garment and extend the life of your product:

  • Apply stockings early in the morning or when you wake up prior to any swelling that may occur
  • Use application gloves that help grip and protect your stockings
  • Smooth fingernails prevent the stocking material from being damaged
  • Remove rings and jewelry that can impede application
  • Manicured toenails prevent the stocking material from snagging
  • Avoid “bunching” and overstretching the material by distributing the fabric evenly across the leg
  • Apply stocking in stages over short increments over the leg
  • Avoid pulling up the compression stocking too high: Knee or calf length stockings up to two centimeters under the hollow of the knee / thigh stockings up to two centimeters under the fold of the buttocks.

medi textile gloves make applying compression garments easy. Gloves are textured and specially designed to allow for easy fabric control without strenuous effort or risk of tearing.

Check out our video tutorials on how to apply all of our medi compression products!

Or follow the step-by-step instructions for applying compression below:

1. Reach into the compression stocking and grasp the heel.

2. Turn the compression stocking inside out at the heel.

3. Pull the compression stocking over your foot to the heel.

4. Hold the fabric of the outer layer at the middle of the foot.

5. Lift the fabric up over your heel.

6. Use both hands again to grasp the material that is hanging down.

7. Distribute the fabric evenly over your calf and in stages up to your knee.

8. Now lift the fabric over the knee.

9. Smooth out all wrinkles to ensure the stockings lie flat against the skin.

To learn more about donning stockings and material that can help make the process easier, visit: