We are in luck that medical compression stockings have come a long way since their inception. Many today are made to be as breathable as possible, to ensure patients comply with wear even when the temperatures outside are less than favorable.

Consistent compression therapy is particularly important in the summer. The summer heat can lead to swelling (aka more edema), especially when compression isn’t worn. So those who do suffer from vein diseases, lipedema, or lymphedema experience even more adverse symptoms such as heavy legs or even increased pain.

Because leg swelling can increase during the hot summer months, there are additional things one can do to help their legs. Muscles that are active support the veins in transporting blood. What type of activities can help with this? Swimming and aqua fitness have a double positive effect. The body cools down and the water pressure acts like a compression stocking.

But you don’t have to be in a body of cold water to do your legs some good this summer. Even just sitting down on a hot day can get the veins moving. Rocking and circling your feet, clawing your toes, and tensing and relaxing your calves are simple, effective exercises that help the legs. For those of us who do like outdoor activities, cycling and walking work well for this.

Taking a cold shower at the end of the day will also help constrict the blood vessels due to the cold, which will support your leg veins.

Feel better with mediven® compression

medi®’s premium compression line mediven offers many benefits for summer wear. The Clima Comfort technology built into the compression stockings prevents heat build-up underneath the stocking and ensures that moisture is quickly transported to the outside and off of the skin.

mediven offers a wide array of compression products for the summer, but the various open-toe compression stockings offer the wearer a chance to still partake in the sandal and flip-flop action and feel the sand in between the toes.

While it may not seem comfortable to wear compression in the summer, it’s vital. Even people without venous disease tend to have heavy legs and swelling in the summer. So, for venous patients who have pronounced varicose veins or have already had thrombosis, wearing medical compression stockings prescribed by your doctor is key to consistent therapy and overall leg health wellbeing. If you would like to learn more about the 8 warning signs of vein disease.