circaid®: inspired by nature

The idea and development of circaid products are founded upon the giraffe, the tallest animal in the world. The founder, Frank Shaw, created the first inelastic compression device based upon the anatomy of the giraffe leg.

In contrast to humans, the skin of giraffes does not expand on the legs.1 Due to the high density of inelastic collagen fibers and the relatively thick top layer of skin, the tissue pressure of giraffes is increased, promoting lymphatic and venous return flow. Giraffes thus carry permanent natural compression.2

Easy. Measurable. Effective

circaid is the original compression wrap dating back to 1991. circaid products offer measurable compression that is instantly adjustable and an easy application that makes for good compliance.

circaid juxtalite – the compression alternative

The juxtalite products make up the venous health segment of the circaid portfolio. They are the perfect alternative to elastic compression due to the juxtaposed application straps. These soft and comfortable bands can be wrapped around the leg, versus being pulled over the foot and up the leg like traditional compression. It is this ease of application that makes it the most popular compression wrap in wound care.

Giraffe skin is inelastic

Accurate compression

The level of compression for juxtalite products is measured through a Built-in Pressure System™ (BPS™) that ensures accurate compression prescribed by a clinician. An added bonus – the level of compression can be adjusted throughout the day and by the wearer themselves. The inelastic bands can be adjusted as needed to provide consistent gradient compression for proper dosage.

Inelastic Material

The lightweight, inelastic fabric can be worn discretely underneath clothing, for day or nighttime use. The Clima Fresh prevents odor and propagation of bacteria. The material provides the dynamic compression necessary for faster healing rates that ultimately enhance compliance.

Clinically proven

The circaid juxtalite is clinically proven to treat venous disease.3 circaid products address the underlying cause of venous insufficiency. Thus, compression garments must be used indefinitely or ulceration can reoccur. Check out the study for more information.

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