Compression Wraps

What is the role of compression therapy in wound-healing?

The concept of compression therapy is to apply external pressure to the affected limb or limbs to enhance the competency of the venous and lymphatic systems in the body.  The amount of applied pressure is determined by a clinician and can vary depending upon the severity of the condition.  When the correct compression is applied, the circulatory system can work properly and restore nutrients and oxygen through the proper blood supply.  The tissue in and around the wound can then begin the healing process.

What compression is best for wound-healing?

Compression therapy comes in several forms that have advantages and disadvantages. A healthcare provider will determine which method is best based on the specific conditions of the patient. These are the forms of compression available and their advantages:

Bandaging – short-term use; conforms to most limb shapes

Elastic compression stockings – long-term use; compression accuracy; breathable and low-profile

Inelastic compression wraps – long-term use; easy to apply; compression accuracy

Pneumatic compression pumps – short-term use; compression accuracy; easy to apply

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